A Dark Place: Game Now Released!

Hello everyone!

A Dark Place full game is now out and ready to play!

Download the game for free here: https://xerstudios.itch.io/a-dark-place

I also just want to say thank you all for waiting patiently for the full release! This game has taken a year and a half to create and now I am proud to finally release it after a while. Thank you all once again!

I have also finished creating A Dark Place: Special Editon. This also includes more features and items than the My Place: Special Edition.

My Place Special Edition: https://gamejolt.com/games/Myplace/254023

A Dark Place Special Edition: https://gamejolt.com/games/ADarkPlace/323680

Special Edition Features: 
- Free roam (noclip) mode 
- Speedrun mode 
- Allows you to play old test levels 
- Allows you to choose over 100 levels to play 
- Access to all secrets in the game including the unused ones 
- Access to the Darker Places Album soundtrack with 70 music total. 
- And A Dark Place + My Place wallpapers
- Early access to my next game.
- A little thank you note in the readme file. This is used to support my newer projects and create more improved and better experiences.

-XerStudios 2018


My Place 875 MB
May 07, 2017

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