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If the game files get deleted after extraction make sure to exclude the games entire folder in your anti-virus before running the game.

A Dark Place is a 2018 meta-horror that puts the player in a surreal environment. Features great music and eerie areas to explore and solve puzzles in. Search for keys  to open doors and progress through the game. Find all 4 music boxes to find your way to freedom. But there's one thing, don't let the c̬̪̜̰̹̬͚o̼̰̟̠ͅr͝ru͚͠p̣͖̱ț͕̰̻̯i̘͕̳o̖̬͢n̤ stop you from doing so. 

Please make sure to read the disclaimer that is shown at the very beginning.

This game is extremely intelligent and has the ability to break the fourth wall and act like a real computer nightmare. It will interact with the computer, recognize player actions, and crash the game on purpose to create new events throughout the game meaning you have to restart the game if that happens and more. Please note that this game is 100% harmless in every way and is created for an amazing experience.

If you see any mobile version of this game do not play them as they are not created by me and contains tons of ads. These games are simply fake and will not work or be playable in any way.


-XerStudios 2017 - 2018


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In which language is this game written in?

The Unity runtime uses C++, the programming in the game uses C#


This game is DEEP.


If I ever want to opt out of playing is there a way to stop it. Including the locked files and stuff?

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Once you stop playing, the background scare moments should stop as well as they use a timer system that closes them eventually. These also only occur if the game is being played. There is one known bug where sometimes the laughing sound system won't close when programmed to if you collect a music box. In task manager you can manually close it by finding and terminating the process called "Microsoft ® Windows Based Script Host" or "wscript.exe" for short, logging out and logging back in should close it as well. 

Out of curiosity, what makes the video friendly edition "video friendly?"

The streamer/video friendly version removes the one time log off event which is known to cause the lose of some recordings. The special edition also removes this event as well for people that want to do recordings of the game without any worries. 

is this without virus?

Yes, it's harmless overall while also providing spooky out of game moments just for the experience.

Scared me to death. This is 100% safe right?


Yep! The game itself is harmless in a spooky fashion.

Neat. The stencil effect texture is None to me. And I have a few delay. But is okay, cool game. Deserve a own list. :D

These sort of games is awesome. Congratulations. I shall be my best within my weak machine:

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hello i have a problem with the game im in chapter 3 and im in the place where the skull is following you and you need to turn back but when im turning back the skull gets me no matter what i do i watched a lets play and the guy that i watch moved faster does someone has an answer why im slower 

time stamp 46:09

This could be due to framerates being too low which can give less control during this scene. Try setting the resolution and graphics to the lowest for maximum speed and control during this part. Then try and sneak up to the invisible wall and immediately turn back and sprint back from where you came. After you escape, you may change your resolution and settings back up to where they were.  

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it still didnt work i also did reinstaled the game but still the skull is faster when i urn back and run and i also put the screen resolution and the graphics to the lowest but i think the problem has to do with my laptop

but still thanks for the help

can i some how reset the game at this scene?

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Since it's actually not possible to reset at this point without the main menu screen. You would have to use the second reset solution by removing the Unity Player Prefs file that the game generates. You can do this by opening up Registry Editor from your windows search. After it's opened, you can find the path to the A Dark Place save file by going under HKEY_CURRENT_USER/SOFTWARE/XerStudios/A Dark Place. Then on the right hand side you'll see something called "keyOldLevelToLoad" simply right click on it and click delete as this is automatically recreated by the game when you begin playing again. Then choose yes and the save file shall reset back to the very beginning. Hope this helps!

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thanks for the help it finally works 

i aprieciate that you still  answer questons even though the game is about 3 years old. also the game is pretty fun and innovativ even though i dont really play/watch horror. i still really enjoyd it (sorry for the bad spelling if it did hapend im not really good in writing english messanges)

Deleted 119 days ago

Yes there is, the special edition comes with extra features and content that the standard doesn't have.  It includes free roam noclip mode, speedrun mode, allows you to play old test levels, allows you to choose over 100 levels to play,  access to all secrets in the game including the unused ones, access to the Darker Places Album soundtrack with 70 music total, access to the A Dark Place 2 Sneak Peek preview, and A Dark Place + My Place wallpapers and a little thank you note in the readme file. This is used to support my newer projects in the making.



First of all all of your games are pretty awesome!

I have bought the special edition of A Dark Place and My Place. And I loved both experiences.

In my opinion My Place was more interesting because of the bossfights. I really liked them, especially those with Dark and Nightmare. ADP wasnt as interesting as My Place but overall also a crazy experience!

I really liked the moment with the webcam and the one with the activation code.

Thank you for all of those awesome games!


hey! first off, amazing game lol! but secondly i want to know if i can find the song/track that plays when u try to close the "turn back" windows that you get i believe right after chapter 3? i really liked the track but i cant seem to find it anywhere... thanks!


so people here say that it like shuts down my pc at some points is this at all true?

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Yes and it only happens once from a game over screen occurring. To disable this function from enabling, you can head over to the data folder of the game and delete a file called Nightmare.bat. After that, you should be all set to go and shutdowns will not occur during the experience.

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ok cool thanks am excited to try this game out soon


Heya Xer, its Tyr, I finally got my dad's old laptop after a long time of waiting, so this is a pre download message, I wanted to say, I can't wait to finally play this for myself after all this time, and I hope it was worth the wait!

Awesome! Can't wait to hear how it goes for you!


Hello, I recently played your game, and it truly is amazing! However is there any way to revert back to how my pc was before I downloaded the game? I can’t get rid of the whole file since it says something is open, I’m at the part where he opens up a text document and tells me to check documents for a code, and I’m not sure how to delete the game without looking through all the files.

Logging off and logging back in should fix the issues preventing file deletion. And not much else is really outside the A Dark Place folder other than the passcode application from the documents folder.  Deleting the A Dark Place folder entirely should clear everything up as well except for save-files which are stored differently. Deleting the save-file can be done by opening the game to the in-game main menu screen and pressing the Q key should then bring up a prompt asking to confirm a save-file reset. Afterwards, you should be good to go.


I ended up just finishing the game, and what a great one it was! However I deleted all the files but one folder keeps prompting that it is in use in another folder yet there is nothing inside.


I resolved the issue, thank you for making such an amazing game!

You're welcome! I'm glad you have enjoyed the experience!


Why this game can not run on Windows

Do you have a 64 bit or 32 bit operating system? And is there a specific error that appears when you try to open it?

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64 bit, but it says the game wont apply to windows


hey, are you online? i used to download it on windows, but i cant download it now

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I just figured out the issue with the current upload and plan on uploading a fix shortly. I apologize for the waiting inconvenience and I thank you for your patience.

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I fixed the issue by marking the installation tag as "windows" without needing to upload another copy. A re-installation of the game should now fix the problem. Thanks for reporting this issue to me I really appreciate the notice.


glad you can work it out quickly


Why does my antivirus say the game is a virus? Can i fix this?

It's a false alarm due to some of the game files using crucial windows features. In your antivirus, there should be an exclusion option in which you can select the game's folder to fix the interruption popups. 


What changed with the update? I got notified that there was one but theres no patch notes

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Its a small update to fix networking bugs from the online mini-game from chapter 3.


Ah ok. Thank you for letting me know


Hey dude, I’m the creator of Lacewing used in LOST, wanna check up if you’re using the latest. It’s linked here. You can reach me on Clickteam Discord if you want. Big reliability improvements in latest version ^.^

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Glad to hear it man! The LOST mini-game does appear to be using an older version of Lacewing so I'll be sure to upgrade for the stabilization improvements.

I also wanted to say a big thanks for the creation of the Lacewing extension for Clickteam. I learned a lot about online networking from the use of Lacewing in my experimental projects and couldn't have done it without it.

It inspired me to create a personal C# API that allows the support of Lacewing for Unity games. This was used as the main networking engine for my Unity game called Lucid Explorer which allows the community to create and publish dream levels for others to see and play.

Also, I was planning to create another personal Unity API for the support of advanced collaboration projects that allows a small team to work on game projects in real-time from the cloud, this would allow a team to work on levels and designs at the same time while also being able to see the changes made to anything in real-time. It's basically a personal idea I thought about a while ago in which I could probably create someday.

Thanks once again for the creation of Lacewing and its updates, it's been my top highest inspiration for many years.   


Damn I wanna play this game, but I don't wanna stay up all night thinking a demon is gonna eat my toes-

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I recently played this game and it made changes along the way to my computer. I got to a point in the game where it shut itself down again and I found that the entire root directory was empty so I was unable to restart the game. But my computer was still changed around with different wallpaper and screensavers. Did my copy break or was I supposed to do something there and didn’t know? I had to drop the files back in from the original zip at which point my entire game was reset.From what I can remember I was in the true ending part of the game in a big field of trees when it crashed.

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Yep, the game deleting itself at that moment was intentional and apart of the experience. And the saved changes should just be the wallpaper and nothing else.

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I bought the special edition of this around a year ago, but have recently moved to a new computer. Is there any way I could re-download? Also what is the difference between the base game and the special edition?

(3 edits)

If you bought the special edition with your current itch.io account you will still have access to the downloads to the paid version without having to pay twice. On the top of the A Dark Place page, it should mention that you own the game and it will give you access to the download link for that as well. If none of this is showing up, it may have been due to re-uploads of the special edition I did in which you can contact me through xer.workstation@gmail.com to receive a new updated download link for the paid version of the game. For your other question, the special edition features a debug menu which gives you the ability to update your save-file to access any of the major levels of the game at any time.  This also gives access to hidden secrets, bonus content, and much more. You will also have access to free roam mode for any see how any level was designed using the ~ key. The special edition also features access to the entire in-game soundtrack which leads up to 70+ songs to listen to. Wallpapers are also featured in this version for personal taste and early access to the older version of the A Dark Place 2 Demo.   

I want to record the game with camtasia studio, but the game shutdown my pc, what should i do?

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If this already happened once then it shouldn't happen again. If it didn't then a file named Nightmare.bat would still be in the data folder along with the other files. You can delete it if its still there and the game will no longer cause the one time shutdown. 

Where is the stream friendly version of the game?

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I think its because there were not many changes in that version. In terms of the effects I believe only 1 file was removed which was the shutdown feature named Nightmare.bat which can also be deleted manually within the game's data folder. I can however re-upload the updated copy of it by request if you'd like.  


If i know which file shuts it down i can delete it so you don't have to upload a totally different version, thanks anyway.

You're welcome. I did manage to upload it anyways just in case anyone else needs it.


So a follow up to the below comment of pressing 'Q' to reset game. It doesn't seem to be working for me, I've gotten the true ending and no matter when or where I press 'Q' nothing happens. Help!

Did you try it when the end dialog showed up? What place in the game did you tried the Q reset? 


I did but not to worry, bought the special edition and it worked : )
Excited for the next game!

Thank you! Glad it worked out.

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So you stated in your "ReadMe" document that, you must press Q at the menu of the game to restart.However, one of the endings simply doesn't open the menu as it forces you to that screen. How else would I restart this game? Where is the game saves located? I really wanted my friend to play this when I get to his house but there is no way for me to restart the progress. 

Also, to mention, this game is perhaps the best experience I've had in a horror game! The amount of times this game scared me cannot compete with Outlast or any other horror game. I'd like to thank you for that.


Thank you! Glad you enjoyed the experience! And for the reset, I figured out during testing that when the game is loaded to the final ending message scene, the Q key still works for the reset menu without requiring the main menu screen.

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I didn't know that the ending screen was actually something that was meant to load to open a new menu. Sorry for the disturbance and thank you in the meantime for looking over it.

Hi! I absolutely loved the first game, and come back to the page to not only see the dev is still active, but they're making a SEQUEL? I sincerely can't wait until that's finished, you're super talented and I can't even begin to explain how excited I am.


Thank you so much for enjoying my creations! I truly appreciate it and hope the sequel will be just as good or better when its done.

Why can not I see it on Steam?

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It's not published on Steam. I am making A Dark Place 2 so I might see if the possibility exists for publishing both games on Steam.

Well, please just be quick.I want add two new games on Steam.It makes me feel comfortable

Everytime i start the game the config for the game appers but i cant seem to get to the button to get out of it and start the game because it is too big. Could someone tell me how to get around it?

To fix that go to the gamejolt version page and download the Stream/Video Friendly + Window Fix package https://gamejolt.com/games/ADarkPlace/323680

I had just now restarted the game and it went to a glitched out map, in a sense. When looking in the top left corner, it wrote something in Japanese, then Russian, which makes no sense.

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This is an Easter egg that occurs randomly at start up. Did that other problem fix?

Oh wow. That's honestly really cool. But no, I haven't been able to fix the problem. I've deleted the application after making sure it was properly exited, then I had re-installed it again, with no luck. I've even tried fixing the resolution thinking that was the problem, gamma, and I have recently updated my Mac thinking that was the issue, with no luck. I have no other options :|

I don't really have a Mac to test this on. This version was processed for Mac by request but I wasn't able to do tests on it. The person that requested it didn't really say anything about this type of problem. I would suggest downloading VMware for mac and emulating a windows system and that should work for playing the game with compatibility supported.


Ok. Thank you! :D Have a nice day.

Hi.. I had recently downloaded your game (Mac version on game jolt) for some reason, every time I open the game it always goes to a black, empty screen. When I check on the application, it says not responding. When it starts responding, it'll still stay black, but the game seems to be completely fine, even though I can't play. Could you please help me figure out the issue?

Hi, is there any way you can make the game playable on win64

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Strange, as the latest download for the game is 64 bit. You mean win32?

Yea, i meant win32, i rly want to play this, can you try to make a win32 version

Yes I can, I send it to you once it is processed and uploaded


Also, try adding graphic settings, i dont have a good com

The game has an auto graphic optimizer so performance improves automatically only when its needed.


I have a question, so I know this game has a fake virus and there is something I want to set up, I want to re create the detect alt f4 file but I want to make it my own, is there a simple way you can tell me how to pull something like that off?

How I did it was by locking out the quit feature on the window and detected if the program was closed before the time-limit which would then open up another application after it was closed from something other than the hidden quit button. So I made it seem like it detects alt-f4 as a trick but you can probably use input detection in your code to detect two keys at once as another way to pull this off. 

thank you!and is there a way to make the game for lower end graphic cards the game is, shall I say not able to be handled on lower end computersand I really want to play the game myself, but I can't because its to high of a graphic for my computer to handle it and once again thank you, it wasn't the alt-f4 I was hoping for I'll post the markiplier video I wanted to reference 

10:52 for the time stamp and once again thank you

I might be able to as I do have the project files saved on my drive. I see what I can do

once again thank you, I know game development is hard, I have tried and tried and tried again but keep failing something always goes wrong so once again thank you!

Yep! You're welcome!

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also good luck on a dark place 2

Thank you!

also and sorry for so many questions, are you a group entity or just one person like do you have a group or is it just you?

I'm also trying to learn how you made the game, you used i'm guessing clickteam fusion because in the dev files they are MFA files which can only be used by clickteam programs,and for the glitches its done with clickteam, but I love the fake virus, one thing that has stopped me from making a game is that I want to make a meta game but because of my lack of knowledge I have been unable to really settle down on a game I want, I want to make a platformer based on IMSCARED but add a fake virus element but once again not knowing how to doing things doesn't help, so any info on how to do any of this would be useful 
please contact me at
no that was not a promo I just made it as a 2nd email to have I need to set up a business email soon and once again thank you for giving me info and taking the time out of your schedule to talk and help me and help us fans of the games. 


What Android Version On Play Store?

There is no android version of the game as there is no mobile support for this game. You may have seen a fake version of the game which is an unplayable ad scam app. If you do still have the link just let me know and I can see what I can do about it.

Thank You XerStudios

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Yep! No problem.


Thanks for all the comments you replied to me!And are you working on  another metagame like this?I am looking forward to your third game like this!


Yep! No problem. And no my next game isn't really going be a meta horror game like this one was. I'm figuring out how I can work on an entirely new concept for a more fun based story driven experience.


I am so excited to hear it!!And when will you probably release this game?I believe that you will certainly make the game more fun,because you are pretty awesome!

(2 edits) (+1)

In a couple months as I have just began working on the project. The whole idea of the game is like an art project from it's new unique design that makes the whole world feel magical in a sorrowful way. Its turning out well so far in concept. Now I just need to spend time working on the structure and it can probably turn out being my best game.

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Sounds great!I am waiting for it!


Hey, really like what I played of the game so far! Unfortunately, the Unity customization screen upon loading up the game is too large, I have to force my monitors into Portrait to hit 'run game'.

Is there a version with a smaller customization screen? I'm running 1366x768 and I sadly have no way to go beyond that, even when trying to force my graphic card to do so.

Yes I do have a fixed version for this found here


The package name is A Dark Place: Stream/Video Friendly + Window Fix

Hope that helps!


Thank you very much!

The last question:How to stop this game from turning off my computer?.Because I am going to record a video for it and put it on a website.XerStudios hopefully you can reply to me

You can find the stream/video friendly version here https://gamejolt.com/games/ADarkPlace/323680 It does everything else without shutting down the computer.


Well, this game is as good as I expected,and it has  absolutely great musics,love it so much!

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