Lucid Explorer : New Online Game Now Released!

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I have finally finished working on a new online community-based game called Lucid Explorer. Experience creative dream worlds created by other players and create your very own dream worlds for others to play and experience.

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Lucid Explorer: GameJolt Version

Lucid Explorer: Version


Lucid Explorer is an online community game that allows people to experience creative dream worlds created by other players including the ability to create your very own dream worlds for others to play and experience. Dreams can be wonderful places to be in and explore. But when they end you would sometimes get the feeling of missing a good and happy moment. Lucid Explorer is promoted by its own community to accomplish the recreation of dream worlds in a virtual environment. A Xer Network account is required to play this game. You can create an account within the game in less than a minute.

When the player is about to dream, published levels would then be randomly chosen to experience. Dreams are controlled by a random hidden time limit that indicates when the player will wake up from their dream. After the dream is over the player then has the ability to give feedback to the original creator by either liking or disliking. This will help the creator improve the given dream.

The contribution feature allows people to help send assets and suggestions for new content updates. This helps keep the game active and expansive for everyone that relies based on personal preferences for many different parts of the game to be established. If you have contributed for the latest update then your username will be featured on the latest update page including being featured in the credits of the main game.

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