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Hey I beat your game! Secret ending and everything! Was unsure about the last part, so if I missed anything, let me know. Otherwise, this was an incredible ordeal. The boss battles took the most of my time, and I had to (understandably) figure out everything for myself. The 4th wall breaking horror was a blast, but the lack of understanding in the boss battles led to some rage. 

But thanks for the game! Hope to see more from you in the future!

You had to put in boss battles, didn't you? It's an interesting addition, not sure how I feel about it. Could use a tad more polish!

I apologize for spamming. I was supposed to do this as the episodes came out, but I got busy with life and stuff.

Really enjoying the game still! It spices things up as you go along, and reminds me heavily of IMSCARED: A Pixellated Nightmare.

Continuing forward!

This game is pretty fantastic! It merges fourth wall breaking elements with engaging and spoopy gameplay!

Enjoying it so far!

So far I'm giving it a go for a series, interesting a bit so far - though my critique would be that the 'Enemies' being, all just pixelated and 2D breaks the horror immersion of what could otherwise be a bit spooky

If you see strange things happen don't worry, it's alright! I like the crashes and the external references. I've just started... he is still waiting for me...

Thanks for making the game ❤

Hey man, great game but is there any way to reset it? I wanna show it to a friend from the beginning.

To reset the game you have to finish the game fully then at the end of the game that should be a computer with a tag above it called "Universe Manager" you can go to it and delete your universe from there. Then it should restart the entire game again.