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And will this game truly break my computer ,or will i uninstall it and everything get back to normal?(my English is not very good)

No, not at all. The game only pretends to be destructive but It does no harm. So you should be fine. 

what computer configuration does this game require, i mean that how much memory the game needs

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1 to 2 GB of memory should be fine. The game mostly uses at least 500 mb and the game includes an optimizer for best performance during gameplay.

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XerStudios hopefully you will answer this. how do you delete the save file for this game? if you don't know, then can you at least tell me the save files in the data folder? thank you

At the main menu screen press Q to reset your save data. And that should be it.

You are so creative ! I think this game is the best fourth wall break game !

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If you just mean opening externally from the game or another app, then I can give you an example script to go off from as its very simple to do using a just bit of C#. Most of the code for just opening the files is mostly the same for each script file. This is what I've done in unity, even though it works with a visual studio console application as well.

Unity Code:


using System.Collections;
using System.Collections.Generic;
using UnityEngine;

public class OpenFileInUnity : MonoBehaviour {

void OnEnable() {
 //will open if exe is in same directory as launchers exe file.


Console App Visual Studio Code:


using System;

namespace ExampleScript
    class Program
        static void Main(string[] args)


  For the "PLACENAMEHERE" part you will simply change that to the name of the file you want to open including the extension at the end like .bat, .vbs, etc. After that you will want to make sure to place that vbs or batch file right next to the complied c# application. Then finally, it should work perfectly for opening these apps in the background. Hope that helps :)

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Much appreciated!

This game is interesting but it lacks proper design, especially in maps and gameplay. Too many things are not made clear, and its clear that the game only focuses on a specific audience that gets dumbfounded to actually think this game is controlling your computer. So many things is made clear that the game does not 'act like a real computer nightmare', its not even funny. And the fourth-wall breaks end up being too overused, which makes them look embarrassing since some of them are just plain ridiculous - no one can fall for this. In other words, this game tries so hard to be 'virus-like', it ends up looking too obvious and instead look funny and silly. The antagonist is heavily unoriginal. a JPEG of a skull with scribbles on it is scary? No. It's clear that you have taken inspiration from the likes of IMSCARED, in which I will HEAVILY recommend that game over this.

The map design is horrendous, from countless corridors being misleading to the many rooms not actually containing anything and instead just forcing you to keep walking through pointless sections. The maps themselves didn't make proper sense and connected absolutely nothing to do with the story. For example, see the two screenshots of the room with the flowers and colour circles? Then you go to the 'real' alternative. What does this display? What's the purpose of this? Is there a message?. Speaking of which, I want to discuss the story.

This game, straight from the start, makes no attempts to actually polish its story. From the misleading and confusing stories at the beginning, to the many 'trapped in game' dialogue, it doesn't all blend in and read like a story. It's as if random events are just occurring without any explanation, and no actual plot is occurring. What was the purpose of the 'recording room' part? The guitar photo, the photo of my face, the portals, I don't get it. Why are they here? What's the story? It's impossible to actually assume the story here, as well from before, and way later, we finally 'learn' about the premise of the story - a skull trapped in the game. This has 0 connection with the stuff that was introduced and presented earlier in the game, and frankly, it really lowers the atmosphere and tone.

As for fear, it's 50/50. There are parts where the fear is executed well, but also parts where it feels like it's just trying to scare you at every attempt, using fourth-wall breaks as a method of 'omg look i control your computer haha funny' to scare the person playing. When we reach the part with 'real' alternative shit (makes no sense), it becomes really boring, since there's pretty much nothing going on apart from the occasional skull chasing you parts (which was boring and ridiculous as well). Not only that, but there are also too many ridiculous jumpscares. That pixelated frog thing is seriously not scary at all. Why does it need to jump on my face all the time?

Final verdict, the game is shit. You seriously need to work on your design in future games, because damn, it's so bad in this game. Polish things up, and make sure your games aren't a waste of time for everyone including me, in which you failed to do so in this game.


So no head?

I'm bouta head out.


If you don't like the game , why the hell are you here criticizing the game developer with negative words while many gamers are having good experiences ? Jeez , if the developer really create the real viruses , how many computers are destroyed every day ? It would waste lots of computers :P


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This game is legit good, i had a lot of goosegumps with it and jumps too, the fourth-wall break is AMAZING. The only thing that makes me sad is this game isn't popular enough, but keep up the good work, and one day you might be noticed. ;)

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I entered the Forest, when I got every key and passed the iron gate at the end, I quit because I needed to do other things, when I came back and launched the game, I found myself in this weird place was there. I think it said "Error" and had some weird writings in red at the top left corner of my screen, the place was a hallway with noises that got worse and worse as I continued to explore. In front of me was the face on the TV where the music box of Sadness is in the Realverse. Another hallway was accessible where I proceeded, there we're blinding lights and sprites of a weird figure in the background. A sort of eye figure chased me but not the same one as in the start of the game, it was sort of triangular shaped. My game crashed when it finally reached me with a pop up error, then my screen started getting brighter and darker, the background didnt change to black this time but flashed different lights eventually stopping at orange, my sound went up and down with laughing, and finally went to max sound and had a deafening ringing sound that was so loud I turned off my headphones. The taskbar disappeared. I'm scared to open the game again because not only might it repeat but there might not be the debug mode to restart the game. Please help. 

Edit: I opened the game back up and it went back to the Forest.

So I playedthe 32 bit version. vwey laggy but it works. The programs like 303.exe were the only ones that were not laggish. Great game though

Can you help me my friend played the game to the end and now he can`t delete it ? What is wrong there ? 

That means a process is in use. You may have to logout and log back in to fix that. Then you should be able to delete it.

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I watched youtubers play it but i wish to play it as well. i downloaded the free version but i have a 32-bit operrating system. can you create a game that supports 32 bit? Edit: i read the comments and saw that you have a link for that system. can you send me one as well?

I think that specific version that I sent was the 32 bit edition of the Special Edition. Since a new big update is currently being made I can send you a updated version of the 32 bit copy of the game. I send you a link once I get the chance to upload it.

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where is the link. I dont have a best router so I could not download it. I can now start tho

where is the link. I dont have a best router so I could not download it. I can now start tho

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Already played the game and LOVED it, the best game ever

XerStudios can you help me? Every time when i start the game the window of the settings is too big and i cant press on the start button. 


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To fix that you have to download the 

A Dark Place: Stream/Video Friendly + Window Fix

version of the game located on the original gamejolt page

its the third package out of the 5.

Hope that helps!

Where did it go?

Could you help me? Every time the game tries to run a program it asks me if I want to run it or cancel. Like (spoilers) when the screen melts and it kinda ruins the experience. Is there a way to disable this? Thanks!


I think having the current windows user account set to administrator instead of just non-admin fixes the problem. But I'm not 100% sure about it. I couldn't find a way to automatically grant access from just the script itself. Plus I don't have this problem that your having so it's probably the computer permissions being set to manual run instead of just auto execution. You could also check the windows defender settings to see how these permissions are managed. But I try seeing if your account is full admin or not first.

Xerstudios, can you help me? I downloaded the game and copied the floder to my desktop, i can launch it but i get this window with a X in the bottom right and it shuts down immediatly. I guess it's because my PC is too shitty but i CAN run stuff like: Black rose and mirror layers. What can i do? 

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That's strange! If you do not see the splash screen from the launcher try opening the game without the launcher by going into the data folder located next to the launcher and opening ADarkPlace.exe. Also this could be a problem with system compatibility such as not being able to play directx 11 games or having a 32bit system. Even though instead of just crashing it should have given you at least an error message or a runtime error of some sort. If you are using a 32bit system I could send you a link for that specific version. And are you using the paid version of the game or the free version? Also sending a screenshot or at least a picture of what its doing can help me fix this since I haven't had anyone have this problem before. 

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There is no 'ADarkPlace.exe' if i open the version  that's in the data folder (the one with the face icon) i get the message: 

There should be 'ADarkPlace_Data'
folder next to the executable

I unzipped the game too, so i don't understand. i added some screenshots for you to make it a bit more clear what i'm talking about. 3 of them are of the game files, and the other one is the black screen i was talking about, it just closes down after. 

My computer IS a 64bit system, but maybe the 32bit version will work anyway? 

i'm using the free version! thanks for replying. 

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This helps a lot as I can now see the problem, it appears the game did not install correctly and is missing important files needed to run the game. Try downloading the game through my main game page here and that should fix the issue you are having. 

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I tried a whole bunch of stuff, I put the . EXE file in a different file and copied the game data next to it, it worked! 

thanks a lot for replying, and your game is awesome! great work! 

will there be a mac version absolutely love this game!!

Sadly no because the scripts that were used to do the desktop effects only support windows operating system. My next game creation may be multi-platform (not console) since I'm planning to create a bigger project.  

I understand completely the game is amazing and I’m in college for programming so if you guys are ever looking for free help let me know I need the experience. Big fan of the glitchy/ virus style game you guys made!

it was a weird cool game :D

i cant install it 

the install button is there but when i hit install it gives me no option :(

im downloading the gamejolt version that works fine

How can I delete the Game if It's Not playable? The Jumpscares scares me to death Xd

Deleting the A dark place folder should delete the entire game. 

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So I really dig this game and everything but after entering the code to the door to the forest the game doesn't let me continue. And when I exit and re enter the game it deletes my save. This has happened twice now and I'm pretty bummed about it.

That doesn't seem right.  Does the code work? If it does then are you placed by the door again after entering? If the map doesn't load when you open the door or get the code right, then this might mean the level is corrupt on your end. Reinstalling the game will probably fix that issue only if the level is indeed corrupt. There is a feature in the game that resets the progress if a level isn't found so in that case I think its a file corruption issue.

If you already reinstalled the special edition and still have the same problem you can use the debug menu by pressing f when the game starts up and if you click on edit savefile you can choose a level to load. To go back to where you were before you have to press next 2 times on the level loader and click on TheForest.unity located on the top-left. This will also bypass the passcode part and send you straight into where you were supposed to be after entering the code.

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I'll definitely do this. Thank you so much! Really enjoying the game too.

Edit: I don't think I even tried to reinstall either and I feel like an idiot. I'll probably reinstall anyway you assure this doesn't happen again but thank you for all your help.


I would play more of the game but..... it does require a powerful PC to properly play on. I enjoyed it though, nevertheless the lag.




im dead...


Without question.. One of the most innovative games I've ever played. I am superbly impressed.

This game is genius!! Best horror game ive ever seen! When u could get access to smarthome, u could make the light flicker and make scary calls ^^. Just an idea... keep it up and good luck 4 future projects! Best wishes, bread

Really clever game. I would have played more but my anti virus kept blocking stuff, which gave me a unique experience xD

This is why sandbox are made for i tink go get sandboxie it totaly free.

Here's the last part of my playthrough on this great game! ‪


This has been a challenge and it only gets creepier the further you play!

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it was used to make the programs in the game. If you want you can download the MFA files here

under A Dark Place: Development Files. 

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This game has been super fun to play! It messes around with your computer and truly seems like the game is interacting with you! (Completely harmless!) The puzzles have been challenging and there always seems to be a twist around every corner! Great game overall, I love the concept!

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