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Demo Notice :

This is the build release for the A Dark Place 2 Demo. The average playtime length has been estimated from 30 to 40 minutes long. Please report any bugs you may encounter during the experience. Thank you and have fun!

Version 1.5.0 or Below :

If framerates are running low some slowdown or speed problems may occur during the experience. Setting your game to performance mode in the configuration menu will significantly solve these problems by sacrificing most demanding graphical appearances. Only use this option when you feel like it is needed.

Credits :

My major thanks go to @NotGabbyMemelord and @Lilou37 for helping out with the artwork and character designs. And thank you to all who have played, followed, purchased, and/or donated on my releases. All of the received help has kept the development flowing smoothly and we couldn't have done it without your support. Thank you!

Story Introduction :


You are an important fragment called upon from the legends. The one that takes the rose to recreate the realms of the forgotten past to a new world. The old world from the original realm has become withered as the curse of Nightmare continues to grow power. You will soon discover through the emulations of reality that the truths of life are not what they appear to be. Now you will travel to these worlds and discover that you are not alone.

The Continuation of a Dark Place :


As you return to the depths of the emulated reality, you must find a way to get back to the realm of the withered. This is the place that was considered the finale in the original world before the curse. Nightmare has recreated this forgotten area into his very own realm to represent the ultimate power of his own destruction. This place can now lead to a hidden magical rose which comes with the ultimate power to reset time back before the curse consumed the world. You'll soon discover the hidden truth beyond these emulated realities through the virtual timelines of the past and future.

Gameplay Controls :


W -> Move forward

A -> Move left

S -> Move backward

D -> Move right

F -> Toggle flashlight when obtained

Q -> View inventory/items

E -> Enter through doorways, interact with objects, obtain key items, cycle through dialog.

Ctrl -> Crouch to pickup small key items, crawl through small tunnels, sneak silently away from danger.

Left Click Hold -> Hold an item/box.

Left Click Drag/Let go -> to throw a carried item using physics features.

Right Click -> Attack button for sledgehammer when equipped.

Mouse wheel scroll -> Toggle sledgehammer when obtained

You can break carryable objects open by throwing them with force against walls.

Level Selector :


Some levels may be grayed out on some pages. This means that they are not finished nor developed yet.

Not all Easter Eggs are shown in the tab. More updates are being planned ahead for featuring more of these throughout new public releases.

Gameplay Performance Enhancements :


(New) Motion Smoothing 2.0 - Enhances the default rendering to become smooth to all responding movements. This solution was created for the purpose of eliminating any screen jitter for the best gameplay experience. This works best when the desired framerate is reached. If you notice any animation slowdowns due to lack of frames, switch to Fixed Motion to solve this issue.

(Legacy) Fixed Motion - The older method of motion that uses a fixed runtime instead of timed runtime. This may introduce some jitter during the gameplay without any smoothing to the image. This does solve certain slowdown problems with motion on older machines. Therefore, this was kept as a compatibility method.

Games Related to the Series :


A Dark Place: https://gamejolt.com/games/ADarkPlace/323680

My Place: https://gamejolt.com/games/Myplace/254023


Listen to the soundtrack (SoundCloud)


Community Group :




-XerStudios 2020


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hm i can not start the Game. Why? 

(2 edits)

Do any error messages show up? Sometimes the game won't open due to missing prerequisites. One person that had the same problem found a fix by downloading the .net framework, as the game relies on .net to function properly. Here's the link for that: https://dotnet.microsoft.com/download/dotnet-framework

Hope that helps!

So far so good

I love this kind of game. My computer is weak for it, though, I liking playing it.

(1 edit) (+1)

I wrote about my experience in the wix website but in short, this was amazing! I've been waiting for this and i had no idea that this demo came out but man was it worth. During the end when it quit the game, i was streaming to my friend on discord so he can see what was happening and the pointer actually moved and closed the stream, it freaked me out so much! That's what i love about your work. You know how to make a completely unique horror game that's freaky in so many ways. I can't wait until release. Even if it ends up with a price tag, i'll definitely buy it. Good luck on everything, this being a possible steam release would be amazing. "In Short"


We're happy to hear you enjoyed the demo experience! And yes, we do have plans for an upcoming steam release for the full game as well. Me and my friend have been working extra carefully on the full release, and we have plans on implementing a ton of new meta elements just like the first game. We've also started to do a couple livestreams on our YouTube channel recently showing off some of the developmental process of the game with new upcoming streams which we plan on doing very soon as well. We've brought back and refinished some of the previous levels from the older games in the series to combine them into the world of A Dark Place 2 as this game is based on the similarities and styles of A Dark Place 1 and My Place as they are both connected into the same world as this one. And thanks for the detailed review of our game too man! We appreciate it greatly! 

(1 edit) (+1)

Also, I found a small bug during Level 4 - Before My Place. When I press myself at any of the edges of the map, there is a weird texture glitch. I put the video into a streamja to make it easier for you to see. https://streamja.com/JorpZ. Once again, good luck on the release! Excited as ever.


Ah okay I see, thank you so much for the bug report. I can see on doing another update for the demo to fix the rendering bug.


The update is now published and the bug including a couple other ones have been fixed.


Heya, its me tyr, so I am having issues trying to get into the game i'll send a vid, I can't tell if it's my PC or the game so I'm double checking.


This is one of the coolest horror games I've ever played. I've never felt both calm and horrified at the same time until now. This is a masterpiece, and I very much look forward to a full release. Thank you for making such a wonderful game. N̴̜̝̂͑i̴̘̦̋ǵ̵̙́ẖ̶̏̃t̵̮̹͊̋m̷̬̃a̷̮͊ŕ̵̰̲e̸̡̹͋͋ ̶̆̑ͅî̶̢͖s̶̝͕̕ ̸̯̓n̸̳̺̉o̷̜̿w̵̢̬̓́ ̶̞̯̀̓ï̴̞͜n̵̔͜ ̸̙̣̅c̵̟̈́ö̷͔̮n̴̗̪̐t̴̫̄ͅr̸̠͚͂̏o̸͚̅l̷̙̗̀ ̶̱̹̒͝õ̸̼̉͜f̷̛̖ ̷͉̐Ą̸̪̅͘d̵̙͙̋̿r̶̼̝͛i̵̯͒́a̴͍͑ṇ̸͑ś̶̡̞P̶͚̈C̶̡͋͝


Great Adrian! Man, this was cool. I will play it. I hope this one runs in my linux as well. Cool game, dude! How are you doing, buddy! :D Nice gameplay yours. Congrats, very funny your expression. :)


Gave it a go...


is this a game that i will have to buy to play it, or is it going to be free?

(5 edits)

The full game was originally going to be $7.99 for about 4 hours worth of gameplay which would also include some special edition features like my previous games. This was going to be done as I was planning on having this as my first Steam release which requires a publishing fee of 100$. However, I haven't fully decided on this being paid yet as this was an idea from a couple of months back. 


Thanks for putting all the hard work into this game. We are not normally into games with a lot of story or text, but we appreciated all the effort you put into everything

Nice expected it for long time